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Professional Digital Imaging Lab, the best in pro quality  


We provide the most recent technology in scanning and archiving a vast array of originals, including any size of chromes, negatives, slides, glass plate negatives, or any other formats you or your institution may have. We offer superior organization and management of projects of any size, ranging from small private collections to collections comprised of hundreds of thousands of images.

Digitized images can be customized for specific applications such as print, web, server-ready files and database. A digital image database is an invaluable tool for any institution seeking to preserve originals, organize and manage them efficiently, and create a system that can be easily accessed and shared.


  1. 1.  Capital investment is usually greater than the cost of services.

  2. 2.  Equipment is quickly outdated and must be replaced.

  3. 3.  Technicians performing the scanning require extensive training and highly qualified supervision.

  4. 4.  Turning your institution into a production company is a complicated task that requires significant investments of resources and time.

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We have established imaging and archiving standards which lead the way in this expanding field, and have done image capture and archiving for museums, libraries, universities, collections and corporations nationwide.

We specialize in BetterLight large format digital technology, enabling us to capture your original with flawless accuracy and precision, whether your originals are paintings, photographs, rare or brittle books, maps, engravings, lithographs, daguerreotypes, manuscripts, sculptures, etc. 

*If you present a challenge we’ve not yet encountered, we will customize a solution for you.

We can digitize your originals on-site or at the Boston Photo Imaging Studio.

Here are the options we shape to best fit your needs:

  1. 1.  Set up and scan at or near your institution using Boston Photo equipment and staff.

  2. 2.  Set up and scan at your institution using your equipment.

  3. 3.  Consult with you on equipment needed and thoroughly train your staff to scan your project.

  4. 4.  Scan your project at our Boston Studio.

Soviet Posters, Brown University ‘08

Glass Negatives, Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology ‘06

The Barbara Curtis Adachi Bunraku Collection, Columbia University ‘06

Massachusetts State Constitution, John F. Kennedy Library ‘01

Boston Athenaeum Library ‘08

Wethersfield Historical Society ‘08