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"Giclée" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology, adhering to certain processes and a set of standards which guarantee the highest quality results. We provide ultra-giclée printing technology, in which images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various archival substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper.

To maintain the optimal archival stability, we use the latest technology in Epson printers and inks in our inkjet printing process.


Enhanced Matte

Smooth Fine Art


Premium Lustre


Photo Rag


“What is a “giclée” print?

Legend has it that the term “giclée” was coined by musician/painter Graham Nash in the early nineties. The story goes, Nash plucked the word out of a French dictionary to give some “class” to his fine-art output from the (then) new Iris printer, intended for pre-press proofing of commercial art. The term (from the French verb gicler, to spray) has hung around so long that even the French are using it, however grudgingly.

The term today has several uses. It is tossed out casually as a term for any computer print made with an inkjet printer. This is just plain wrong, but not worth fretting over. Less innocently, it is used by the swine-hustlers of roadside art to represent their cheezy pressed paper copies of Van Goghs and Renoirs as well as the polyester prints at big framing stores. The term's only legitimate use is by serious art people for the process (and its set of standards) that replaced lithography as the mode du jour for fine art reproduction.

The giclée process has opened the door to art reproduction for many artists, previously denied entry by the enormous front-end costs of doing an offset litho edition. Now, after some modest set-up charges and copying fees, prints can be made on demand with little lead time, eliminating storage issues. In terms of commanding value, Giclées are hung in many of the worlds finest museums as well as serious homes and restaurants. Many people who can’t afford an original piece often buy a near-identical signed giclée, knowing that it will grow in value, albeit on a smaller scale. We belong to one of the professional societies ( Tru Giclée) that is devoted to maintaining the quality (and therefore the value) of prints with the giclée appellation.”

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Boston Photo Imaging FTP Upload

You can upload files directly to our server. Here’s how:

  1. 1.  Go to http://bostonphotoupload.com

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To now upload your file(s), click on Main Menu

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  3. 3.  Scroll down to Individual File Upload

  4. 4.  Click Browse next to “Image File 1”

  5. 5.  Select the file you would like to send. You may send up to 5 files at a time, one per box.

  6. 6.  Fill in the Ordering Information Special Instructions box with all pertinent information, including print sizes and finish, or call us at  617.267.4086 to discuss the options for your order.

  7. 7.  Click Order

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