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Professional Digital Imaging Lab, the best in pro quality  

The Brown University Library, Garibaldi Panorama -- 4.5 feet high by 273 feet long double-sided watercolor scroll. Shot on-site in 91 four-foot sections, one 250 MB file for each section.

A partial list of our clients and what we have accomplished for them:

  1. Brown University Library – 4,000 on-site photographs

  2. Columbia University – 13,000 images captured

  3. University of Connecticut Libraries – 11,000 images captured

  4. Mt. Auburn Cemetery – 65,000 images captured

  5. Brooklyn Historical Society – 30,000 on-site photographs

  6. Oregon Historical Society – 30,000 images captured

  7. Florida Fish and Wildlife (U.S.G.S.) – 95,000 images captured

  8. Harvard University, Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments – 10,000 images captured

  9. Harvard College Library, Judaica Division – 250,000 images captured

  10. New York University Libraries – 8,500 on-site photographs

  11. National Park Service Vietnam Veterans Wall Longfellow House – 3,000 on-site photographs

  12. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute – 45,000 images captured

  13. University of Michigan Art Museum – 12,000 images captured

  14. Radcliffe Schlesinger Library – 35,000 on-site photographs

  15. Boston Athenaeum Library – 2,500 images captured

  16. Connecticut History Online Project – 13,500 on-site photographs

  17. Mystic Seaport  Museum – 17,000 images captured

  18. Burndy Library/Cambridge – 3,000 images captured

  19. Brandeis University Libraires, Honore Daumier Lithograph Collection – 4,000 images captured

  20. Boston Public Library, Sports Temple Project, Bromley Atlases – 9,000 images captured

  21. Mass Historical Society – 5,000 on-site photographs

  22. Lockwood Edition Audubon Collection – 110 images captured

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Boston Athenaeum -- Digital capture of rare books, daguerreotypes, paintings, engravings, photographs, manuscripts, maps, sculptures, decorative arts, and other artifacts of history and design. Our images were published in the recent book, Acquired Tastes, 200 Years of Collecting for the Boston Athenaeum.

Columbia University, The Barbara Curtis Adachi Bunraku Collection for the Starr East Asian Library -- Scanning and archiving of 13,325 slides into 16-bit high resolution files to preserve images of Japanese puppet theater.

Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology -- Digital capture of 10,000 8x10 glass plate negatives on-site. The unprecedented quality of the BetterLight technology used rendered superior files which revealed more information and detail than had previously ever been seen.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery -- Digital capture of 65,000 pages of 19th century volumes of letter press books, all containing fragile onion skin pages requiring the utmost care.

University of Connecticut Libraries, Thomas Dodd Research Center -- On-site and in-studio digitization of children’s books (many rare first editions), 11,136 images in total.

Miner Agricultural Research Institute –  Digital Capture of 1000 8x10 glass plate negatives taken in the early 1900’s of the animals, buildings and life at Hearts Delight Farm in Chazy, New York. The work was done in our studio and then an archival storage solution provided for the plates.

The Andrew Leeming Private Collection of the Sport of Cricket –  In studio digital capture of 3500 photographs, scorecards, news clippings and other ephemera for archival preservation, a museum exhibit in Sydney, Australia and the accompanying catalog.  We also printed over 100 archival images for the opening.